Printer Troubleshooting

Before you make a ticket or contact Tech Support do the following in order to get the issue fixed as soon as possible:


Cannot Complete Print Job:

  • Check Cables to see if there is a break or loose connection.
  • Check to see if the Printer need a "Driver update"
  • Check to see if the Printer is connected to the network
    • On apple devices, go to the "System Preferences" then select the "Printers & Scanners". The printer may be offline.
  • Check to see if the printer is turned on, (It most likely is but "there are times when the issue is simply because a device is not turned on". )

Other Issues

  • The Printer if it is a Laser Printer May need Toner if it cannot Print, May need to be serviced if horizontal Lines are printing to the page or the Paper could be jammed.
  • The Printer, if it is an Inkjet May need to have the print heads cleaned, there is a Software enabled self cleaning sequence that can be used, do not attempt to clean the print heads that eject ink with anything other than the self cleaning software. Doing so may clog the Inkjet with oil from skin or with particles from paper towels. If the Ink is the issue and it is not the Print heads, check Ink levels as more ink may be needed. Check Paper, printers will not print if the Paper is not positioned properly.

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