Things to keep in mind for Parents and your children

 It is important to teach your children these important subjects:

  • Internet safety, don't give out personal information about where you live, who you live with, where you work, where they go to school or any information regarding finances as this is linked to all other personal information that regards "you and your children"
  • Be aware of who is able to access your network

The internet is very large, it allows access to information that is created and shared. So it is very important to teach our children not to share certain information on the internet.

 Im sure many parents are aware that this is common knowledge and understand the importance of not giving out addresses, phone numbers and other personal physical information. But its especially important not to share user names and passwords. User names and Passwords are the security for your online presence. If this information is exposed, "ALL OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION IS AT RISK." THIS INCLUDES INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS, YOUR PERSONAL ADDRESS AS WELL AS WHERE YOU WORK OR GO TO SCHOOL. While it is commonly brushed off as an unlikely occurrence, its important to keep in mind that people with bad intentions operate by any means. These means often are the easiest and quickest. Therefore if all your information is accessible through your online presence it would be easy for those people to take advantage if they have your info.

Children today are introduced to the internet at a much younger age, and engage with online media with a less mature mind set. They are not innately aware of the dangers that are present on the internet. While it is fun and is an incredibly valuable tool when used for such a purpose, the internet much like real life requires caution. The Internet can help your child develop learning skills and valuable understandings of technology, but is important to monitor what they do, what they have access to and who has access to them.

This doesn't have to mean "No phone, No computer". It just means that as a parent, be proactive with what your children are engaged with, check on them and see what they are doing and through this they will develop an understanding of responsibility and trust.

Your home network is as secure as you make it.

While it is not the most obvious, it is one of the most necessary steps to ensuring your information is not accessible to just anyone. here is a link that offers more information on how to secure your network.

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