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Some basic things to remember; Check for loose cables, Don't plug devices like Printers and Desktops directly into the wall, use a power strip. Is the device turned on? Are the Drivers for the Printer your trying to use updated?


Fix a Printer

Simple Issues with your Printer could be;

  • Jammed with Paper/ Out of Paper
  • Out of Ink / Toner
  • Unplugged
  • Disconnected from the Network


Solutions to these issues:

If the Printer is Jammed with Paper, remove and reload the paper. Be careful folds or bends, ensure that all sheets are not askew.

If the Printer is out of Ink or Toner then you will likely want to contact support so that it can be replaced properly, If you are experienced with this issue and throughly understand the replacement process then you could attempt to replace.

A common issue is often a "Loose Cable". The Power cable or the USB cable may be unplugged. Its important to have all necessary cables connected.

If the Printer is operating on the Network, and you are unable to access the printer could be a few common issues; The Print drivers on the device you are attempting to print from could be in need of an update. The Printer could simply be unplugged, check the Power Cable, the ethernet Cable or even another type of cable like a USB may be loose.


More Complex issues

In the event of issues like these its best to contact Tech Support and give them information like what is listed below. This information helps the Techs know what to expect in order to quickly resolve issues.

If the issues are more complicated it could be..

  • The Printer Drum may need to be cleaned / replaced
  • The Printer Inkjet heads may need to be cleaned
  • The Power Supply Unit may need to be replaced


Signs of these issues:

If the Printer is a Laser Printer, the Printer operates with the use of a charged Drum and a laser. If when Printing there are lines on the paper this is a result of the wiper blades not cleaning the drum off completely. 

If the Printer is an Inkjet Printer, the Printer utilizes Jet nozzles in order to spray ink onto the paper and replicate an image. If the Printer is Printing images with ink blotches or incorrect spots then the Printer Ink jets need to be cleaned. Its important to know "The Printers are engineered to clean themselves" DO NOT attempt to clean internal mechanical components by hand with paper towels or any other such material. Using your hands and anything other than a micro fiber cloth could damage or clog the printers internal components with oil that secretes from skin or fibers from the paper towel.

Power Supply Units, are hazardous. They contain residual energy from the Direct current wall sockets. If the Printer is plugged into the wall but is not receiving power it could be a sign that the Power Supply is damaged and needs to be replaced. It is important to remove the Printer from the socket. To prevent this from occurring it is important to not plug devices like desktop computers and Printers directly into the wall, Use a power strip to prevent any damage these devices internal components.


Repair your Network connection on your Mobile Device

If your unable to use the network features on a device, like not being able to connect to the internet within a browser then this comes as a result of the devices not being connected to the network. This could be as simple as the network being down, in that case nothing further can be done and it is best to wait until the network is back online. another potential issue could be the device is unable to connect to the network as a result of the  Device Network settings being in need of configuration. For this you can go to the Internet Connection Icon and see these settings, from there if you know the SSID or Network Name and the Password then you can resolve this issue yourself. However if the issue persists it could be due to the Wireless Access Point (a little white box in the ceiling being disconnected from the network.) If there is a Yellow Triangle with an exclamation Point or a similar character alongside the Network connection Icon this means the device is connected to the network but cannot connect to the Internet. This is an issue that Tech support should be called in order to resolve.


Resolve issues with a Document Camera

Some of the features of the Doc Cam; Zoom In / Out, Playback, Capture, the Menu and the Power On / Off. These features can be found on the top side of the base of this device. These are used for the primary functions of the device.

On the underside of the device are the dip switches. The switches can be found on the left underside of the device. The Document Camera may not operate as intended if the dip switches positions are changes from the factory default; with all switches being placed toward the number side of the blue area where the switches are located.

You may also want to check for a loose cable connection from the side ports of the device and the computer it is connected to.


Thank you for referring to this page if you have any other common issues you'd like to suggest be included in the page comment below.



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