Document Camera

 Some of the features of the Doc Cam; Zoom In / Out, Playback, Capture, the Menu and the Power On / Off. These features can be found on the top side of the base of this device. These are used for the primary functions of the device.


In this document is information for potential issues that may arise with this device and basic troubleshooting steps in order to resolve them on your own.

  • Check Power Cable
  • Check Power 
  • Check the connection between the document camera and the Television or other Monitor, such as the HDMI cable.
  • Check the switches

On the underside of the device are the dip switches. The switches can be found on the left underside of the device as seen in the above image. The Document Camera not operate as intended if the dip switches positions are changes from the factory default; with all switches being placed toward the number side of the blue area where the switches are located.


You may also want to check for a loose cable connection from the side ports of the device and the projector / computer it is connected to.

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