How to use My Conference Time

Instructions on how to view your schedule & login.
1) Visit the website:
2) Click on either the WCS Fernhill Campus or WCS Awbury Campus site folder.
3) Select your name to view your schedule. 
4) To login click the "Staff Login" link in the top left corner under our Tree Logo.
(If you need me to resend your password let me know and I will resend asap)
Instructions on how to add, delete and modify times on your schedule.
(You need to login to modify your conference times)
1) To add times, click the Inline image 3 icon for the day you wish to create a conference slot. Then choose your start/end time and add click "Add New Conference".
2) To delete times, find the time you want to remove and click the Inline image 1 icon. *(DO NOT select "Delete Day" at the top of your schedule)
3) To modify times, find the time you want to edit and click the Inline image 2 icon.
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