Mobile Cart Guidelines

Cart guidelines

Single laptops should not be removed from a cart or IT office if you did not reserve the cart. All staff should check in with me (Ah-Keisha or Justin if I'm not in my office) before removing any mobile device from the IT office.
  • Please send an e-mail at least 24 hours before you need the cart to the helpdesk. Please try and send Monday requests the Friday before.
  • Return the cart promptly at the end of your reserved time. For an end of the day reservation, the cart should be returned before 3:50 pm.
  • Please have students place the laptops in the cart correctly and plug them in before returning the cart. (See the attached video link below for instructions on using the cart)
In the classroom:
  • Please make sure you are actively monitoring students when they are using laptops. Students should never bang on the keys or pick at them. (Juliette and I have spent the last few weeks repairing missing keys, it's a very tedious process that takes a long time) 
  • Laptops should be flat on the desk when in use.
  • Students should not have writing instruments or liquid near the computers.
Handle with care:
  • Students should not carry more than one laptop at a time.
  • Do not allow students to carry laptops by the screen.
  • Students should not run with laptops.
  • When closing the laptops please ask students to close them gently.
  • Laptops should never be on the floor.
  • Make sure all wheels are unlocked before attempting to push the cart.
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