New to Mac


Get to know your new Mac

Are you a new Mac user? Set up your Mac and learn about some of the great features that come with it.

First things first

Navigate with shortcuts and gestures

Say hi to Siri on your Mac

Siri on your Mac is your intelligent personal assistant that helps you multitask and get things done by asking, just like on your iPhone.

On Mac, see app power usage

Click the battery icon in your menu bar. If apps are using lots of energy, you'll see them listed under “Apps Using Significant Energy.” 

What's next?

Keep in touch with Messages

Send and receive texts, photos and videos and more from your Mac. Just like you do on your iPhone.

Manage your Photos

Learn about the great photo management features on your Mac and other Apple devices.

Learn more about your Mac

Here are some more great resources to help you learn, get answers, and find help if you need it.

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