SMART Board How-Tos

  • Needed Connections: USB and HDMI

-USB: touch       -HDMI: Visual/ Audio

-If problem with video or audio:

  1. Check that HDMI cable is properly connected
  2. Check video/audio on computer is working

*Cables should only be plugged into the top ports of the board.

  • Connecting to IQ (Wireless connection)
    • Change input of board to “OPS HDMI”
  • Using the “Smart Kapp” App (IQ)
    • You can invite people/students through the Kapp App to interact with the SMART board wirelessly.
    • Send an email with the invite to share notes and sessions.
  • Start a session:
    • Scan the QR code on the bottom-right corner of the notes
    • Share the link from QR code with students through gmail account

*Whiteboard notes are only kept for a month before deleting. To ensure notes are saved: send notes as a PDF to backup storage somewhere else (Drive, files…etc.)

  • Using Player: flash drive files
    • Flash drive plugs into bottom port on the board
    • Files can be saved to the player pages for later use
    • Create lessons/pages on SMART Notebook to use in Player.
  • Using Player: Access files on the Network (Send files to SMART Board)
    • Open file on computer
    • Go to FileShare – Choose share with SMART board
    • Select WCS from list
    • Use code generated on board. *Files can be shared from home/remotely after initial pairing

* Can also share files from home

*Existing lessons can be found on:

  • Sharing file from SMART Exchange:
    • Go to website
    • Download and save file to computer
    • Access the file over the network
  • Screen Share: only projects to board from device
    • Connect MACs/ iPads
    • Turn on Airplay
    • Search for Board name
  • Add input options to menu (ex: HDMI 2)
    • Go to SettingsLauncher – Add inputs
  • Creating Lab Activities
    • Select blue “L” in tools bar
    • Choose desired activity
  • Bringing up activity on Student Computer
    • Click the Orange Square on side of screen.
    • Select Start for Students
    • Go to
    • Put in code provided on board
  • Clean Up (IQ)
    • Closes all browsers open


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