Report Card Review, Feedback & Follow Up

The video and step-by-step guide below show you how to view teacher comments, check grades, view standards and print report cards.

PS RC Data Review Video |

RC Review, Feedback & Follow Up:

Viewing Grades & Comments:

  1. Log into PowerSchool Admin and verify you’re in the right school/term and search student name.
  2. To review grades click on Quick Lookup.
  3. On the Quick Lookup page in the left column click teacher's comments, when in the teachers comments page on the right near the top, make sure your reporting term is correct.
  4. To review comments & grades for a group of students click on teacher schedules. Select a teacher and click on the number under enrollment. Scroll down and “Make Current Student Selection”, click the number next to current student selection.
  5. Click student name and use arrows under “list” to switch back and forth between students.

Viewing Standards:

  1. Verify you’re in the right school/term and search student/students.
  2. Select students or group of students to access the Quick Lookup page.
  3. Click “Standards” on the left. The classes that have standards tied to them will have a arrow.
  4. Click each arrow to review the standard associated with that class.


  1. Verify you’re in the right school/term and search student/students.
  2. Select student/students you want to print a report card for then click “Print A Report” in the upper left corner.
  3. In the “Which report to print” tab select the report that correlates with the grade (Should say “New” and have an asterisk next to it).
  4. Scroll down and “submit”, then “refresh”, then “view” to get a print review of the report card(s).
  5. Verify all information is correct again then you can download or print the report card in the upper right corner.
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