PowerTeacher Pro | MS Effort/CARES Score Entry - Citizenship

Middle School CARES score entry (Video)


Entering Citizenship Grades:

1. Login to PowerTeacher

2. Open PowerTeacher Pro

3. Enter at least one assignment in the scoresheet and enter a score for the student so that there is a regular final grade displayed in the scoresheet.

(If you don't do this your citizenship grade will not display on some reports.) 

4. Click on A+ Grading>Traditional. Check the term drop down to make sure it's the term you want. Change to different term as needed.

5. Click in a score box for a student under the Citizenship column.

6. Enter the 1,2,3, or 4 as needed for each student. You can use your keypad or the score inspector that appears on the right.


1 = Consistently
2 = Usually
3 = Sometimes
4 = Rarely



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