iOS Applications

Hand picked apps that your peers have found make an impact in the classroom.


Go Math! GO | Free | Learning math in a fun way. Ages 3+
Living Paintings | Free | Six of the most famous paintings. create,play and explore the world. Ages 4+
The Earth | $2.99 | Gives the kids insight into the working of our world in a fun way.Ages 4-6
The Everything Machine | $2.99 | Inspire the kids to innovation with simple tools like camera,microphone.Ages 9-11
Simple Machines | $2.99 | Turns difficult ideas into fun hand-on lessons.Thinking, creating and exploring. Ages 6-8
Sim City Build it | Free | Build your own beautiful, bustling city where your citizens will thrive.
Ages 4+
Breathe Think Do | Free |Teach the kids skills such as problem solving, self-control,planning and task persistence. Ages 2-5
Metamorphabet | $3.99 | Teach the kids the english letters in 3D. Each letter holds secret words. Ages 6-8
Kids Doodle & Discover | Free | Puzzle play open canvas for creativity with a dash of logical thinking. Ages 6-8
Rules | $2.99 | Memory test game. You need to follow specific rules in order to win.Age 6+
Endless Wordplay IAP | Free | Interesting game that helps kids learn spelling in a fun way.Ages 3-5
Monkey Math School | $1.99 | Math games and activities in a playfully designed to build fundamental math skills. Ages 3 to 6.
Sight Words Ninja | $1.99 | Sight Words Ninja is an exciting educational game that helps kids rapidly learn sight words by sight, sound, and touch. Grades K-3
Sight Words Hangman | $1.99 | To learn the most frequently used English words without sounding the words out letter by letter. Ages 6-8
Talking ABC | $2.99 | One of the most engaging and innovative ABC apps on the market. Ages 3-5



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